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Year 6

A warm welcome from year 6!


Here in the year 6 classroom we are writers, mathematicians, artists, scientists, engineers, designers, performers and much more. We use our learning powers to ensure we are always trying our best, reaching our potential and, of course, having fun! Please stop back often for updates, photos and information about our wonderful work and exciting activities. 


Year 6 teacher: Mrs Bugg -

Teaching assistant: Mrs Bates




Summer 2


We are already buzzing with ideas and aspirations here at the Year 6 Enterprise HQ. For our topic this term, Enterprise, our classroom will become a hub of excitement and a base for all of our projects. We will plan, manage, design, budget, market and many more. We will be able to showcase the knowledge and skills we have gained during our time at Flyford whilst fostering a confidence and independence which will see us smoothly through to our next step into high school. All money raised from our enterprise projects will be helping us to fund a legacy we can leave so that Flyford remember us and appreciate our efforts for years to come - as well as a much deserved end of year treat for us! Visit this page often to keep up to date with all our amazing activities and keep eyes and ears out for our projects.  

Getting Supplies for the Year 6 Residential!

Our first enterprise project: Year 6 have designed and created some amazing keyrings and beautiful earrings. Thank you so much for all of your support - keep an eye out for our next project!

June 2022: The Three Counties Show, Malvern

We started off our Maths learning this term by creating nets for 3D shapes. We tried to see who could make the most original net for each of our shapes. The weather almost held up - we had to quickly relocate to the hall to dodge a shower!

What an end to our half term, getting to hold the Rugby Premiership trophy that the Worcester Warriors so proudly won! A real treat and a big thanks to our coach Lizzie, who is welcome back to Flyford anytime!

In P.E this term we are being taught rugby by a Worcester Warriors coach. We have had a blast so far!

We were introduced to our key text this term: The Escape by Christopher Edge. We read the first chapter and completed an escape room inspired by the fiction book.

We had a Mexican celebration to kick off our topic!

Spring 1


We are kicking off Spring with our new Topic, 'Earth Matters'. We will be learning about our planet, the different biomes, tropics, polar regions and time zones.  We will be discovering the effect geography of the Earth has on the human race and the impacts the human race has on our Earth. Keep checking back in for photos and videos of our fantastic learning. 

Translating and reflecting shapes is easy when you know how!

We researched a continent and presented our interesting findings to an audience.

Refraction of light and our bendy stationery!

Autumn 1


We are starting this year off with our topic, 'Britain in Battle'. We will have a main focus of World War Two with comparisons to other invasions throughout history to extend our learning.  We will be delving deep into the adversities our country faced and the main events which have moulded Great Britain into the multicultural, varied and exciting place we live in today. Please find our topic web and newsletter below and keep coming back for updates and photos. 

We had fun opening the WW2 experience boxes from the library. We investigated, predicted and got an insight into life on the home front.

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Accelerated Reading