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Covid Catch-up Premium



Flyford Flavell Primary School: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Catch-up Premium, Autumn Term 2020



We use the covid funding grants to provide 1:1 support or small group interventions to bridge learning gaps for pupils caused by partial closure.


Autumn Term 1 (15 Weeks) : Amount Allocated: £1240.00  


We have allocated this funding to vulnerable learners as detailed below.



Areas of Support


Learning Assistant Support 1:1 or Small Group Work

Learning Assistant hours: £13.50 per hour including oncosts.

£1240.00 ÷ £13.50 = 92 hours per term.

92  ÷ 15 weeks = 6.1 Additional hours per week.

Increased reading to an adult session for vulnerable learners


Gaps will be narrowed for children whose learning became vulnerable or more vulnerable during partial closure.  Historic attainment data will be positively aligned with end of year data 2020/21

Handwriting Interventions for vulnerable learners


Spelling Intervention for vulnerable learners


Maths “learn it’s” intervention for vulnerable learners


1;1 support to address misconceptions in key skills in maths, writing and reading.