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Frequently Asked Questions


How can I contact school about my child's progress?

We have an open door policy here at Flyford. If you have any concerns please contact us at any time and we will invite you in for a meeting with your Class Teacher, the SENCo, or the Headteacher as appropriate. Similarly, if we have any concerns regarding your child's progress we will contact you. 


How is support allocated to children?

The school has an SEND budget that the Headteacher and SENCo manage. This provides all support needed in wave 1 and 2 intervention. If your child needs speciality support outside of our budget, an EHCP will be applied for which can offer financial support such as speciality equipment or extra support from learning assistants. 


What training and expertise for SEND is available in school? 

Qualified teachers are well accomplished in providing an engaging, accessible curriculum based on the needs of the learners in their class. Extra training is provided on particular needs we have identified in school and when highlighted as a need by teachers or learning support staff. The SENCo, as legislation states, has completed the NASENCO Award which is accredited by the University of Worcester. Flyford prides itself on its inclusive approach to learning and the reflective practices of the teaching staff. 


What do I do if I am not happy with my child's SEND arrangements? 

If you are ever unhappy, please come to us. Our main concern is that our learners are happy and that our parents feel supported. Your first point of contact is always your Class Teacher, the SENCo and the Headteacher are also happy to hear your concerns. Please contact the school for a meeting and we will do our best to work though any issues together. 

If you feel your problem has not been resolved, please see our complaints policy below. 


Complaints Policy