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Welcome to our Eco Committee page. At Flyford Flavell Primary School we have an Eco Committee made up of 14 Eco enthusiast!  This academic year we will be busy raising awareness of environmental issues and working towards our 'Green Flag' award. 

Spring Term


This term our Eco Committee continued to make fantastic progress towards our action plan development points. We have had some Eco external visitors which include


  • Councillor Stinton (Wychavon) to discuss recycling 
  • Severn Trent: Water Workshop


The children formed a de-weeding club to keep our new flowerbeds wildlife friendly. They also created a range of endangered species posters to display on our Eco Board to raise awareness. Our Litter Picking club continues to ensure that our school grounds are spotless during lunchtimes! Some of our Upper KS2 members created a whole class assembly to keep the children in our school up to date on our progress and raise awareness of current environmental issues. 


As a Committee the children chose to spend the remaining funds raised to purchase a wormery. Our new worms are enjoying our fruit and vegetable peelings. 


Autumn Term 


This term our Eco Committee have began working towards our Green Flag award. As a committee we completed an environmental review of our school and devised a yearly action plan based on the evidence gathered. We selected the following Eco School areas to focus on 

  • Biodiversity
  • Litter
  • Energy


We completed the 'Flyford Battery Hunt'. The winning member of our school collected over 300 batteries. Two of our Eco Committee members completed some fundraising at a local event. They raised over £100 to go towards Eco strategies in school. We have began by using some of these funds to install food waste bins in the dining hall and staff room. 


During one of our Committee meetings the children were discussing how they could be more environmentally friendly at Christmas. They then presented these ideas to the whole school during a 'Eco Christmas' assembly. Their ideas included recycled wrapping paper and purchasing toys made out of recycled materials. One of our committee members created her own 'Eco Advent Calendar'.