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Welcome to our Eco Committee page. At Flyford Flavell Primary School we have an Eco Committee made up of 14 Eco enthusiast! In May 2023 we were awarded with a 'Green Flag; award for our Eco work. This academic year we will be busy raising awareness of new environmental issues and working towards our 'Green Flag' away with merit. 

Summer Term


This term our Eco Council are finalising the points from our action plan ready to submit our application to Eco Schools. The children are creating a whole school assembly about the impact of deforestation. We are then hosting a bake sale to raise money for a local tree planting charity. 

Spring Term


This term we are busy working towards our points set out in our action plan. The children in our Eco Council have been designing healthy food posters and investigating global issues. The children are working together to produce a whole school assembly to raise awareness of global issues within our school community. 

Autumn Term 


Welcome to our newly formed Eco Committee who are ready to make a positive difference at our school. Following the success of gaining Green Flag status last year, we are now working towards achieving Green Flag status with Merit! Our Eco Committee are currently completing our environmental review. Once they have finished this, we will create our action plan for this year. 



Freddie's Eco Invention!