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Welcome to the Year 3 and 4 class page.

Please continue to check back here for updates about learning, pictures and useful links!



Summer Two 


How is India different to the UK?

Our theme for Summer Two is "India”, we will be making comparisons between the UK and India, while learning about their traditions, beliefs and way of life.

We will be visiting the Think Tank to aid in our Science learning of Electricity for this half term, check back for some pictures of our exploits!

Please check the documents below for more details!

Electrical Circuits Lesson

Extra links if you would like to do some extra tasks; - Have a range of different games and tools for varying topics, I would especially signpost you to as a great mental maths tool.


If you want to complete some generic mathematic worksheets or feel you would like your child/ren to do some extra so can follow this link to Snappy Maths where they have a range of worksheets on all different maths topics -


BBC bitesize are also a brilliant go to for all subjects if you or your child/ren would like an extra bit to do! - This link has multiple useful tools which can be used as an aid for learning including number lines, dice place value tools and number squares.

Testing how temperature effects melting speed!