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Year 3/4

Welcome to Year 3/4! 

In Year 3/4, we are curious, responsible and motivated learners. We seek to develop our independence and are always determined to work to the best of our ability. We show kindness and respect to our peers and friends as we support each other in our learning journeys. We are developing our learning powers and honing the ability to reflect and persevere in all that we do. 

Our Class Teacher is Miss Price.

Our Learning Assistants are Mrs Lightfoot, Mrs Munday and Mrs Harding.


Spring 2
In English, we will begin by writing our non-chronological reports about the Roman Empire. We will develop further, the skills learned in the autumn term about implementing key grammatical features effectively and consistently. 
We will then build on our story writing skills from the autumn term, as we first adapt a text and then write our own version of a story. 
Texts: The Treasure by Marcela Ferreira

In Maths, we will begin by continuing our measurement unit on length and perimeter. We will use the skills already built using different units of measurement to add/subtract lengths and calculate perimeter.
We will then progress to our fractions unit. Year 3 will begin by ordering and counting in unit and non-unit fractions. Year 4 will work to build a strong understanding of equivalency, particularly using mixed numbers.


This half term, our Science topic is electricity. We begin the half term by continuing our investigation over time, in which we will develop our ability to collect, analyse and present data. We will then explore uses of electricity, build and draw series circuits, identify insulators and conductors and conclude by investigating energy usage.

In Geography, we will be exploring why rainforests are important to us. We will begin by defining and describing a biome, before locating rainforests on world maps. We will explore the layers of tropical rainforests and examine the lives of the indigenous populations of areas such as the Amazon rainforest as well as identifying the importance of tropical rainforests. 

In Computing, we will consolidate our learning on networks and databases before developing this further by journeying inside the computer. We will explore inputs and outputs, instructions and memory as well as the internal components of different computers/tablets.  

We will finish off designing and making our own Ancient Egyptian scrolls, in Art/Design. We will then combine understanding of design and kinetic energy in the creation of our own slingshot cars. We will design and make both the car and the launch mechanism. 

We will conclude our work on staff notation and singing technique by performing our Viking battle songs, in Music.
We will continue to develop our ability to read and perform music accurately through an exploration of Calypso music. This will also support understanding of key musical terminology.

This half term, in PE, we will be continuing to develop our skills and confidence in the water with our swimming lessons at Pershore Leisure Centre, each Tuesday. On Fridays, we will be practicing our tennis skills with Mrs Rea. 




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