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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!

In Year 1, we are fun, enthusiastic, excited learners! We show curiosity, independence and determination in everything we do!

Our class teacher is Miss Price.

Our learning assistant is Mrs Bartliff.

Summer 1

This half term, our topic is London, particularly focusing on transport and trade links. Those Year 1s who have had the opportunity to visit London in the past have already been keen to share their experiences and memories with us! 

We will be exploring a range of English texts that link to this topic, beginning with Katie in London. We will be writing about the various landmarks that Katie identifies on her journey throughout the city as well as reflecting on her thoughts, feelings and experiences. We will then look at some examples of non-fiction writing to support development of our own writing skills. 

In Geography, we will continue to develop our knowledge of geographical vocabulary and use this to articulate our understanding of direction and position when map reading. We will link this to our learning on London when creating and following routes on the London Underground map. In History, we will explore the development of different forms of London transport over time and identify the ways that trade and transport have influenced the geography of the city. We will link this to analysis of the changing use of space from industry to leisure. 

We will begin our Art learning this term with a study of the work of William Morris. We will discuss examples of his work and apply the same features to our own designs for interiors. 

In Music, we will be developing our understanding of notation and duration through the music of landscapes and the city.


In Maths, we will begin by exploring the new concepts of multiplication and division. Children will learn to count more efficiently in 2s, 5s and 10s. They will explore how to identify equal groups and how make equal groups by sharing and grouping. Children continue to consolidate their knowledge of working with concrete representations and turning these into written number sentences across all units. They will end the half term by developing their knowledge of multiplication and division further as we introduce fractions.


In Science, we will be exploring how animals grow, considering how animals change from birth to adulthood and the similarities and differences between animals at different stages of their lives. 


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Useful links for Spelling:

If it suits your child to learn this way, please encourage them to play some of the games on EdShed to practise their spellings each week (link below). All children have an EdShed login in the front of their reading diaries. Thank you.

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