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Welcome to Reception



Step into our class and you will see 13 children having fun and immersed in their learning! Our class teacher is Miss Short and our learning assistants are Mrs Hodge and Mrs Bartliff. We are very excited to have the children begin their learning journey with us. We are looking forward to watching the children grow, develop their confidence and tackle new challenges with enthusiasm. 

Summer Two


This term out topic is 'On the Farm'. We will be exploring farming in our country compared to other countries around the world and thinking about how farming has changed throughout history.  The children will also be exploring where food comes from and which foods we can grown/farm in our country. We will also be making sure the children are feeling confident to move into Year 1 in September! 

Summer One


This term our topic is 'London: Heart of our Democracy'. The children we be learning all about our capital city and comparing London to where we live. We will be completing a (virtual) tour of London and identifying famous landmarks. Following this we will be focusing on the Royal family, investigating who they are and where they live. 

Local Walk

Tea Party

Spring Two


This term our topic is ‘Dinosaurs’. We will be leaning all about (and how to pronounce!) lots of different dinosaurs. The children will

discover the history of dinosaurs and investigate why Mary Anning is so significant in their discovery. We will be digging for fossils and making our own out of salt dough! The children will be gathering facts about different dinosaurs to make fact files and posters. To help us learn about dinosaurs the children have asked the class fairy for a real one… let’s hope it appears!

Treasure Hunt!

A Very Special Visitor!

Autumn Two


This term our topic is ‘Circus’. We are going to be learning about all the different types of animals and performers in the circus

with a particular focus on that fact that it is okay to be different.  We will also be comparing our lives to the lives of other children around the world and thinking about our local area. As we move closer to Christmas we will be writing letters to Santa and designing a variety of Christmas crafts.

Christmas Activities

Diwali Activities

Autumn One


This term our topic is 'Super you Super me'. We will spend time getting to know our new friends and exploring the classroom. We will also be designing our own superhero masks, thinking of which superpower we would like to have and investigating lots of different real life superheroes. 

Looking for signs of Autumn

Making Biscuits

Parachute Fun!

Enjoying our first week at school