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Step into our class and you will see 20 children having fun and immersed in their learning! Our class teacher is Miss Short and our learning assistant is Mrs Hodge. We are very excited to have the children begin their learning journey with us. We are looking forward to watching the children grow, develop their confidence and tackle new challenges with enthusiasm.


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Summer Two


This term our topic is 'On the Farm'. The children will be explore all of the different aspects of farm life including growing/harvesting crops, the food production cycle and caring for animals. As part of this we will explore what farming looked like in the past and what it may look like in the future. The children will also have the opportunity to hatch their own chicks in class and visit a local farm to enhance this learning. 

May 2022: Sports Day

May 2022: Jubilee Flags

Summer One 


This term our topic is 'London- Heart of our Democracy'. We will begin by exploring the city and its famous landmarks through a virtual tour of London. The children will be creating their own junk model London landmarks and comparing London to where they live. We will then move on and focus on democracy and British Values. The children will explore the Royal Family and discuss the importance of fairness when voting (in class). 

Spring Two


This term our topic is 'Dinosaurs'. We will be learning all about (and how to pronounce!) lots of different dinosaurs. We will explore the past in relation to how times have changed since dinosaurs roamed the earth. To help our learning the children have asked our class fairy for a real dinosaur.. let's hope it appears!

Spring One


This term our topic is 'Bears'. We will start by looking at bears (the animal) and then move onto teddy bears! We will be doing all sort of exciting activities including going our our very own bear hunt and hosting a teddy bears picnic. As part of this topic we will be exploring different climates that bears live in and thinking about why teddy's are so special to us. 

February 2022: Celebrating Chinese New Year

Autumn Two


This term our topic is 'Space and a little bit of Christmas'. We will start the term by exploring our solar system and all of the different planets. We will go back in time to investigate the first landing on the moon and discuss the wonderful individuals that worked very hard to make it happen! We will then move our focus to Christmas, the children will be creating a range different crafts and singing lots of songs. Alongside this we will investigate how Christmas is celebrated around the world and how it was celebrated in the past. 


November 2021: Shape Hunt

November 2021: Diwali Celebrations

Autumn One


This term our topic is 'Super you Super me'. We will spend time getting to know our new friends and exploring the classroom. We will also be designing our own superhero masks, thinking of which superpower we would like to have and investigating lots of different real life superheroes. 

October 2021: Supertato

October 2021: Baking Biscuits

September 2021: Phonics Fun!