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Our P.E.  curriculum  aims to inspire pupils to become confident and cooperative athletes, who develop a love of physical activity and sport.  We want pupils to participate,  enjoy   and develop their skills within the context of an enriching, challenging and relevant P.E. curriculum.

Through our sequence of learning, we aim  to develop children's basic physical competencies, build confidence in their ability and build the foundations for a lifelong love of sport, physical activity and a healthy lifestyle.  



Our P.E.  lessons align with our core values  and the objectives laid out in the EYFS and  National Curriculum.  Our planned  progression of skills ensure  our children are increasingly challenged as they move up through the school.

Our  spiral curriculum, embeds essential knowledge and skills that are revisited with increasing complexity, allowing pupils to revise and build upon their previous learning.

Lessons incorporate various teaching strategies including modelling, independent or collaborative work  and the principles of game-based learning.

Adaptive teaching ensures accessibility and progression for all learners. Knowledge organisers.  Knowledge organisers support pupils in securing factual knowledge and recall of key skills  and vocabulary.

We enrich our curriculum with  a wide range of extra-curricular and  intra- school opportunities.

In our school, P.E. is celebrated, personal achievements are valued and our P.E. curriculum is integral to whole school well -being, happiness and holistic development.



Our pupils leave school equipped with a range of  skills and capabilities  to enable them to study P.E. with confidence and enjoyment  at Key stage 3. We shape children into avid  and committed athletes who value the importance of good sportsmanship whilst maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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