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Mathematics Curriculum

Mathematics at Flyford Flavell Primary School



Flyford Flavell Primary School’s Mathematics curriculum aims to inspire pupils to be curious and excited mathematicians who develop a deep understanding of the number system so that they can apply their skills knowledge in all areas of the mathematics curriculum.

We want every child to see themselves as a mathematician - demonstrating a confident attitude towards tackling problems both in and out of the classroom and understanding the importance of maths in the wider world.



All of our classes follow. the White Rose scheme of learning which is based on the National Curriculum.  However, lessons are adapted to meet the needs of specific cohorts, groups or individuals.  Other resources such as NRich are used to enhance our curriculum.  All children have the opportunity to explore problem solving and reasoning.

A carefully planned learning journey of small steps is taken to ensure that all children can master mathematical concepts.  Mathematical fluency is developed as children revisit concepts and are given frequent opportunity to grasp number facts.  A maths specialist tutor plans interventions to secure knowledge of the number system.   

We find opportunities to apply Mathematics skills across the curriculum, for example, using graphs in science, counting or measuring distance in PE.



Our pupils leave school equipped with a range of mathematical skills and knowledge   to enable them to study mathematics with confidence and enjoyment at Key stage 3. We shape children into curious and enthusiastic mathematicians who value the importance of maths skills in underpinning life outside of the classroom.