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Flyford Pippins

Welcome to Flyford Pippins Pre-school 


We have 20 children and 3-4 well qualified and experienced staff depending on days and age of our children. We offer a nourishing environment in a wonderful setting where each child is treated as an individual: their abilities are recognised and nurtured.

We believe that building children's confidence and self-esteem will encourage motivation, self-discipline, independence, honesty and inherent love of learning. The preschool has a self-contained outdoor area providing the children with the opportunity for free flow play.

Summer 1 – London & Jobs


We are beginning the Summer term with the same topic as the rest of the school - London. We will take a virtual tour of the sights and create our own maps. We will paint some red London buses and make our very own mini Big Ben. Our role play will be a London tea shop, with tourist leaflets to browse. We will also look at jobs that we can do and talk about what we would like to do when we grow up. We will continue with our nature mornings in our woodland area on a Friday. We will also have a session each week to practice getting changed for PE and have a mini PE lesson.

Photos taken by the children in our woodland area

Spring 2 – Spring & Animals


For the second half of the spring term we will identify signs of spring and watch as things change in the world around us. We will have walks around the schools outdoor areas to explore our environment. We have some caterpillars on their way to us so we can watch as they grow, cocoon and turn into butterflies. We are also on the lookout for some frogs spawn which we will gather so we can watch the frogs develop from an egg, to a tadpole and finally a frog. We will do some planting of spring flowers which we plan to share with our local care home and will plant some vegetable seeds to grow in our greenhouse, before putting them into our garden. We will also look at animals and their babies. Spring is such an exciting time of year we can't wait to get started.

February Forest School Picnic

Spring 1 – Winter & Our Favourite Stores


During the beginning of the spring term we will be looking at Winter weather, clothing and animals that live in cold places. We will then enjoy some activities around our favourite stories including The Very Hungry Caterpillar and We're Going on a Bear Hunt.

The link below will take you to the video resource page where you can find the story I have read this week - Monkey Puzzle, there is also a story read by one of our older school children called Kitten Cat.

The link below will take you to the video resource page where you can find the story I have read this week - Snow Bears.

Autumn 2 - Transport and Christmas



This half term in Pippins our topics are transport and Christmas. We will also be looking at Bonfire Night, Remembrance Day and Diwali. 

We have lots of transport activities planned such as drawing routes with cars and pens, using the bee bots to get to a set place. We will also create a phonics display using vehicles, looking at the sounds different vehicles make.


We are looking forward to decorating Pippins for Christmas with the children's crafts, which will of course come home in time for Christmas. We will be making snowmen, Christmas trees and will be making some paper chains to string around the room, amongst many other glittery crafts!

The children really enjoyed making their rocket and bonfire pictures with tissue paper and paint. We watched a video of children doing sparklers and discussed how to do these safely, they loved doing a hand print and then adding glitter to make sparkler pictures.


On Remembrance Day we looked at an early years power point of why we wear poppies and made our own Poppy pictures sticking the individual pieces to make up the Poppy. We were very proud of the children as we managed to do a two minute silence thinking of how other people help us.

Pippins Poppy Wreath

The children in Pippins really enjoy and love joining in with the story of ‘We All Go Travelling By’ by Sheena Roberts; this is an animated book that we watch which has different modes of transport that could be used in order to get to school. We are doing a display on the book, looking at the different sounds that the vehicles make. We have also looked at the different colours of each vehicle e.g. “the yellow school bus that goes, “Beep, beep, beep”.”

Autumn 1 2020 – Ourselves, Harvest and Autumn


This term our first topic is ourselves, we will explore our body parts through group labelling and song, the children love singing ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’ especially experimenting with pace, getting the giggles as we sing faster and faster! We will make new pears to go on our Pippins family tree and talk about family members from home. The children will have the opportunity to do hand printing and draw a self-portrait. We will look at the story of Oliver’s Vegetables and taste all of the foods that Oliver finds, this story will link nicely to our next topic of Harvest as Oliver discovers the vegetables in the garden.


Our second topic is Harvest and Autumn where we will look where some of our food comes from, how it is grown and what machines are used to harvest it. We will make some scarecrows and do some vegetable printing. We will look at how leaves change colour and enjoy playing with conkers.

Making Fruit Faces