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Computing and E safety

Computing   Curriculum.



Flyford Flavell Primary School’s computing scheme of work aims to instil a sense of enjoyment and safety for pupils when using technology.  We intend to develop an  appreciation of the capabilities technology offers to create, manage, organise and collaborate in a digital context.

Key facets in our curriculum include exploring software to develop pupils confidence when encountering new technology which is a vital skill in the ever evolving  and changing landscape of technology.

Through our computing curriculum, we intend for pupils to not only be digitally competent and have a range of transferable skills but also to be responsible online citizens.



Our curriculum is organised into five key areas, creating a cyclical route through which pupils can develop their computing knowledge and skills by revisiting and building on previous learning.  


  • Computer Systems and Networks.
  • Programming
  • Creating Media
  • Data Handling
  • Online Safety


Where  relevant,  computing learning is linked to other subjects such as science, art and music to enable the development of cross-curricular skills.



Our pupils leave school equipped with a range of skills to enable them to succeed in KS3 and be active participants in the fast paced and ever changing digital world.