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Year 6 Remote Learning

Welcome Year 6!


Everyday, I will post maths, English, reading and topic work for you all. This will be available on this page at 9am every morning, however, I will try to have it available from 5pm the day before as I know it was useful to have a look through beforehand. These pieces of work could be printed and completed, or completed on paper or even using word or publisher, whatever is easiest for you. As well as our daily PDF lessons and parent sheets, we have 2 zoom meetings set up for everyday. 


9am - This is for everyone please, to say good morning, go over the work for the day and for me to teach anything needed for the lessons ahead. 


1pm - This is a less structured, drop-in session for anyone needing any support or for anyone who has any questions that have arisen from the work given that day or just to drop in and show me what you have done and say goodbye! Towards the end of this session, I will read our class book 'A Christmas Carol' so join in for that if you like too! 


I will set spellings on EdShed this week, which will not be due until the Friday of the first week back. You could always go onto EdShed and practice any year 5/6 spellings to get ahead for the new year! I will also set MyMaths on Monday, this will be due in the first Monday back in January. 


If you have a Nessy sign on, please do a little bit of practice everyday! 


Don't forget your usual daily reading too, and if you need to complete an AR quiz, use this link here:


I will so miss you all this week, and don't worry I am still going to try to include plenty of fun festive games and activities for us to enjoy!


I am always available via email should you need me, and if you wanted to share any work with me too.


Mrs Bugg



Spellings now live on EdShed