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Year 5/6

Welcome to Years 5 and 6


We are a small class of 15 in Year 5 and 6, ready to embrace the challenges and fun that the final years in our school will bring. Our teacher is Mr. Cocker and Mrs. Rea is our Learning Support Assistant.

We do an AR quiz when we have finished reading. Click on here to access the AR page.

Summer 1


Our theme for Summer Term 1 is ‘London – Business and Democracy’! London has always been a centre for business and money, so why not learn to become entrepeneurs ourselves?! We will experience this through our DT and parts of our English. We will also investigate the importance of our democratic parliament and how governing changed with the civil war.


Our main focus in English will be to write to entertain though, with a focus on stories from other cultures. In our Maths, we will delve further into measures (both imperial and metric!) and explore some algebra.


In Science, we shall explore the night sky. We shall investigate space, what is there, how it affects us and scientific theories.

December 2020: STEM Challenge

Remembrance Day Poetry

Y5 and Y6 Curriculum Information